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Boxes of chocolates

Here we present to you the content of our boxes – filled with much love according to a specific display

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Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien

Schachtel 8×8

These charming little boxes contain 2 layers (90g)
of Liliput confections und are available in the colours
red, pink, green and black. (SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


What a delicious read! The small book contains 1 layer of Liliput
confections and 1 layer Grillage confections (130g), the large ones
contain an assorted selection of both Liliput and Hausmarke.
All sizes are available in the colours red, pink, green and black. (SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


We care for chocolate! Starting from mini (30g)
the heart-shaped boxes are available in 6 sizes
up to 660g net weight, all of them being filled with
Liliput confections and available in the colours red
and black. (SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


Everything so neat & sweet! The chests of drawers have 2 to 6 drawers, are available in all colours (red, pink, green and black) and are assorted with our renowned “mix” (Liliput and Hausmarke) and specific visual design. (SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


This sweetens up your journey! Available with 40g Liliput confectionery (Minikoffer) up to the maximum version containing 2790 (!)g of chocolates (a mix of Liliput and Hausmarke), available in all colours. (SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


From beginner to chocoholic! These boxes are available in size 1
and 2 (1 or 2 “drawers”) with Liliput confectionery only and in
size 3 and 4 with our famous mix. (SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


Farewell Ascot! I want my hatbox to be filled with confectionery
by A & K! These delicate hatboxes are available in all colours. Size
1 > 3 layers of Liliput confections, 130g net weight; Size 2 >1 layer of
Liliput confections & 2 layers Hausmarke confections, 270g net weight; Size 3 > 2 layers of each speciality Liliput/Hausmarke confections, 400g net weight (SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


Writing an ode to chocolate! Wonderful bureaus with little mirrors, in the colours red & black, filled with the renowned mix, available in two sizes 150g/200g. (ORDER/SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


This glass cabinet displays your chocolates nicely! Built like an altar, it is available in the colours red or black and filled with an assortment of 800g Liliput and Hausmarke. (ORDER/SHOP)

Altmann & Kühne Confiserie Wien


For chocolate and caffeine addicts! The small and the large mocha jars are filled with either 80g or 130g coffee beans in plain chocolate and available in all colours (red/pink/green/black). An ideal treat from downtown Vienna! (ORDER/SHOP)