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Privacy Policy and Data Security

We value, care for and protect your trust – working to state of the art security standards to secure your personal data. Your orders, your personal information and your data regarding the handling of payments are protected by technical security systems and additional authorisation processes. This ensures that during data transfer and in storage on our servers, your personal data is safeguarded.

For unrestricted use of our webshop, you will have to register with your personal data.
When personal data is placed, it comes with the explicit approval of the user or person authorised.

All data is for the exclusive use of Altmann & Kühne OHG, and is stored on their database only.

We do not pass on data!

Altmann & Kühne treats your data as strictly confidential. Data is neither sold, nor rented out, nor passed on for free to third parties.

Please note that we do not pass on any information concerning the identity of our users, unless we have a legal obligation to provide data to federal institutions, e.g. criminal prosecution authorities.

You can unsubscribe from our database here!
Please note that in case of a new order you will have to re-enter all of your data!