Confiserie De Luxe – Welcome to Altmann & Kühne!

“Too precious to eat!”

This has been said about our confectionery in numerous magazines and on television – and we like the tone of appreciation.

Both, the miniature confections and the regular-sized confections – we distinguish them by the names of Liliput Konfekt and Hausmarke – are handcrafted after original recipes. All our recipes are based on exclusively natural ingredients; instantly after production the individual chocolates are carefully assorted and box by box is filled with much love according to a specific display. These boxes – the Viennese phrase is “Naschkasterl” (referring to a cupboard or drawer in which sweets are stored) are artworks in their own right: chests of drawers, hatboxes, etc., each in a unique design and available in various colours; finally, each box is wrapped in paper, especially designed by the Wiener Werkstaette, and sent off into the world.

Is this to your taste?

For lovers of chocolate and those who are ready to be seduced, we present information about our enterprise, the art of savouring sweets and, of course, our products on our pages.

We hope you delight in our website and shop content!