Altmann & Kühne is always worth a visit:

The perfect present – delicious & sweet

The question follows you wherever you go: What to take home for the loved ones? A wall plate with a depiction of St. Stephen’s Cathedral or the key ring with the famous ferris wheel? Or a printed T-shirt stating “I was here” or “I love Vienna”?

Make sure to take home some speciality by Altmann & Kühne the next time you visit Vienna. Your loved ones back home will love you for it!

BUT: In case you will crave our sweet confectionery in the meantime, we have good news for you. You do no longer have to come all the way to Vienna to enjoy our boxes of chocolates. Simply shop online and treat yourself!!!

For our Viennese customers too!

8x8-schachtel-gruen.jpg buch-1-offen.jpg herzen-offen.jpg kommode-offen.jpg koffer-offen.jpg naehkassette.jpg hutkoffer-offen.jpg sekretaer.jpg spiegelschrank.jpg mokkadose.jpg