Our philosophy is simple:

“We want to make all chocolate lovers melt!”

Our motto is simple, but achieving this is not an easy task. Once you have seen our boxes of chocolates for yourself, the quality of our confectioners’ performance is displayed: our wonderful creations of miniature furniture and confection embody the highest ideals of confectionery art making.

Individual chocolates are carefully assorted in tiny drawers: delicious individual confections made of nougat, marzipan and cocoa – the destiny of which is to melt tenderly in your mouth.

Each confection is hand-made: whipped, rolled, filled and ornamented in various designs. Careful manufacturing by hand is an expression of our traditional values. Each box is carefully laid out in a specific design. When holding this creation in hand, not only the sweet scents delight, also the colours and their arrangement do much to please the eyes of the connoisseur.

Our manufactory is the centre of production, located close to Vienna’s City. Non-believers are welcome to visit the manufactory for a guided tour: here, they can survey and delight in our traditional procedure of production.

We do not mass produce, which is why the delivery of an order may exceed the standardised 3 business days by post. Our sweet must-haves are for everybody’s palate and purse – in this we take pride and pleasure.